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This position is currently vacant

People's Warden

Bronny Cook
027 4582129
Honorary People's Warden - Pat Olds
027 2867035

Vicar's Warden - Richard Harvey
022 3156488


Maxine Hartley

027 172 9579

Physical Location

Corner of Church and Main Street, Greytown.

Mailing Address

PO Box 133, Greytown 5712, Wairarapa, New Zealand

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Support God's Mission in Greytown

Parish Bank Account for Financial Giving

02 0640 0014099 00
Code: Gift | Reference: Surname

There are no inspiring stories of accumulation

Ever notice there are no inspiring stories of accumulation, but there are thousands of inspiring stories of sacrifice? We’ve noticed that too. Since the beginning of our church, a group of generous people have chosen to give 10% of their income with a dream to see God’s family thrive here in Greytown. God has used their faithfulness to change lives!

In fact, you’re surrounded by generous people at STL. When you give, you help create a church that connects people to one another and to Jesus. You help sow the seeds that lead people into having a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

You can give right now. Sign up to automatically give online weekly, monthly, or whenever you choose. You control the gift and the amount but, most importantly, when you give you make our mission even stronger.

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Safety and Wellbeing

We take the safety and wellbeing of our young people incredibly seriously at STL. All our key youth and children’s ministry volunteers are regularly police checked. We have also appointed a Children’s and Young Person’s Safety Officer (CYPSO) who is an active member of our Parish Vestry.

Our current CYPSO is Bronny. Not only is Bronny discreet and easily approachable, she also has experience working with children within a faith based environment. There are a number of posters displayed around the church grounds providing information for how to contact either the Parish CYPSO and/or someone outside of the Parish if you or a young person experience, or suspect, abuse to be taking place. On top of this, you can also use the form below as an easy way to report a concern to Wellington Diocesan Safety Team and St Luke’s CYPSO.

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connecting people to one another & to Jesus

Is this your calling?

The Parish of St Luke’s Greytown is
looking for a new Vicar.

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